Storing Frozen Products

Receiving Your Order
Please ensure someone is available to receive your delivery so that perishable items can be promptly transferred to the refrigerator or freezer. This is crucial for maintaining the quality and safety of your purchase.

Placing Your Order
To ensure the best experience, we recommend placing your order at least one week in advance. This gives you ample time to prepare and store the products properly upon arrival.

Our frozen products are packed with ice packs and designed with temperature control to remain frozen during transit. Some natural thawing may occur.


Storage Instructions

Wagyu Beef:
- If you plan to enjoy your beef within 48 hours of arrival, store it in the coolest part of your refrigerator.

- For longer storage, freeze the steaks immediately upon receipt.

- For optimal freshness, consume within one month and thaw your steaks in the coldest part of your refrigerator 24 hours before you intend to cook them.

Wagyu Products:
- Immediate Storage: Upon receipt, transfer the frozen dumplings immediately to your freezer. They should be kept frozen until ready to cook.

- Keep Frozen: Store the dumplings in the freezer at all times to maintain their freshness and prevent spoilage. Avoid frequent opening of the freezer door, as constant changes in temperature can affect their quality.

- Long-Term Storage: Frozen dumplings are best enjoyed within three months of purchase. Mark the date of purchase on the package as a reminder.

- Do Not Refreeze: Once thawed, do not refreeze the dumplings. Thawed dumplings should be cooked immediately to ensure food safety.

- Cooking from Frozen: There is no need to thaw dumplings before cooking. They can be cooked directly from frozen, ensuring they remain tasty and maintain a good texture.