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Miyazaki A5 Striploin

Miyazaki A5 Striploin

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Available Size: 12 oz per steak

Introducing our Miyazaki A5 Striploin, hand-selected from the revered pastures of Miyazaki, Japan. This A5 grade Striploin is a pinnacle of wagyu excellence, offering a succulent, luxurious experience. Celebrated for its velvety texture and profoundly rich flavor, it provides an unrivaled taste that elevates it above all other cuts. Ideal for precision cooking, this striploin unfolds its majestic flavor when cooked to perfection, enhancing any dining occasion.

To experience this culinary delight in its optimal state, please keep it frozen until preparation time. Savor the superior quality of our Miyazaki A5 Striploin, a distinguished cut that embodies the peak of gourmet steak.

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