Where to buy

Please note that due to the frozen nature of our products, we provide shipping for orders exceeding $899. For our individual customers interested in purchasing smaller quantities, you can find our products in the following places.

Local Supermarkts

You can find our products at nearby supermarkets like 99 Ranch, Chinatown supermarkets, and more. 

Online Supermarkets

We also offer our products on various online platforms, allowing you to purchase them without leaving home

Local Delivery

For quick access to our products, consider using local delivery services like Hungry Panda, and Fantuan. They offer convenient delivery right from our local Chubby Group restaurant to your doorstep.

Local Pick Up

Alternatively, you can order through our website and choose to pick up your order at any of our Chubby Group restaurants, including Wagyu House by the X pot, Mikiya, and others.


Local Supermarket

You can find our products in the following supermarkets:
· 99 Ranch
· Good Fortune
· Little Tokyo Market
· Chinatown Supermarket
· Hofo Asian Grocery
· Estar asian market
· Rivera Food Service
· N.A Trading

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Online Supermarket

Shop for our products from the comfort of your home at Weee! online supermarket. Simply click the button below to start adding our products to your cart!

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Local Delivery

For immediate access to our products, place an order with any Chubby Group restaurant's local food delivery platfrom and enjoy fast delivery straight to your doorstep.

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